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The Association for Provocative Therapy providing Resources, Training, Interviews and Products supporting the international Provocative Therapy Community.

The Association for Provocative Therapy (AFPT) promotes the standards, professionalism and good practice in Provocative Therapy and is supported by Nick Kemp and Dr. E. Noni Höefner who are co-directors.

Our vision is to collectively make a positive difference to society by encouraging international Provocative Therapists & Provocative Therapy Trainers to deliver PT in a professional, responsible and congruent manner. AFTP recognises Frank Farrelly as the sole creator of the field of Provocative Therapy and recommends those trainings which are personally endorsed by him and his acknowledged trainers/coaches in the field of PT. All international AFPT members agree to adhere to the AFPT professional code of ethics.

We created The Association for Provocative Therapy to promote the highest standards in Provocative Therapy which recognises Frank Farrelly as the sole creator for the field of PT. Provocative Therapy has been described as 'sophisticated simplicity' and in our view is an extraordinary approach for producing therapeutic change. When you are thinking about training in Provocative Therapy make sure that it's an AFPT endorsed course so you learn Provocative Therapy as intended by its creator Frank Farrelly. This site contains articles, interviews, video clips and a schedule of approved AFPT trainings. Also ensure that you check out our Provocative Websites: Dr. E. Noni Höefner's website in Germany - and Nick Kemp's website in Great Britain

"I am Frank Farrelly the creator of Provocative Therapy July 7th 1963 and the author of the book “Provocative Therapy” by Frank Farrelly and Jeff Brandsma. I have known Nick Kemp since 2004 and can confirm that he has the necessary skills to see clients as a Provocative Therapist, and to instruct others in my work. I have regular consultations with Nick, discussing numerous client conditions and case studies. I support Nick Kemp in the setting up of the Association of Provocative Therapy, in the U.K., to promote ethical standards in practice."
Frank Farrelly

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Provocative Online study group

Thursday 19th February 2015

Many of you will know that I am increasingly busy teaching the Provocative Change Works model across UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. In fact this year is 100% busier than last year. Regardless of the number of trainings I run, I appreciate that for a variety of reasons not everyone can make a live training. For this reason in the past I have piloted some online study groups. These have usually involved a live broadcast of some video with me giving commentary and taking questions. They have proved to be pretty popular and the challenge has been to find a time when everyone can join online at the same time. We can one specifically on PCW and one on Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy.
How this will work
My idea currently is to run a longer version of this in more depth and to make it more flexible. We would look at a different footage each month and report back observations and analysis. I would send everyone a video clip at the start of each month and ask for your observations relating to the practitioner and the client’s responses. At the end of the month we would look at the whole clip online after we each had time to review it personally. In this way there is more time to digest the material and it’s more of “a study group” rather than me feeding back observations and comments. I would also make myself available for individual 30 min skype 1 – 1 interactions to discuss the clip for the month. Some people may not be able to make the live group, so personal skype might be a better option due to different time zones. Places for the study group would be offered on a pre-allocated basis as I need to keep the group to a sensible size to make it both time and cost effective for all of us!
The Pilot
My thinking is to run this for a pilot of 3 months and then if people are pleased with how it’s working out we’d extend the time period. To attend I need your normal e-mail addresses rather than just communicating through FB. For the group interactions you would receive an invitation to the live platform to attend a live discussion. We have already piloted this with great success previously. At the beginning of the month you would be sent a link to a student only viewing for one of the provocative sessions. This could be from anywhere in the world, and of course in English.
PCW Student certification
As many will know I have a 10 day PCW practitioner programme and have never been a fan of “certifications” BUT if people attend over a 10 month period reviewing and studying 10 clips to what I consider being a reasonable standard I will issue a “PCW student certification” to those who complete the online group feedback. This would also count towards a full PCW certification, if people are interested in going down that route.
Costing and date for pilot
I want to make this as affordable as possible to people and as flexible as possible. However if it needs to reflect the amount of time that is going to be involved especially if I include Skype slots on a 1 – 1 basis. I therefore propose that the initial 3 month trial is priced at the introductory price of £99. For this you receive the original video clip to explore and analyse, the opportunity to discuss with me 1 – 1 on Skype or by e-mail and the 1 hour group online interaction. I think this is a fair price considering the amount of time involved. The course would officially start in April and run for 3 months, but for those already enquiring I would send the first clip out in March so you have a head start. Please note this can only be for a small group, so places are booked on a first come first serve basis! I expect it to be popular as after just one FB post I already had 11 requests to join!
How to Book and what I need from you
• Your E-mail address
• Your Skype address
• Payment online here - to secure your place
Payment guarantees a place on this pilot. As I am offering 1 – 1 Skype as part of this I have to limit the numbers for this
If you have any questions not explained here you can e-mail me


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